A Review of Money Making From the Online Casino Bonus Schemes

I have enjoyed Blackjack since childhood and never left a Blackjack table without winning. Although I am not a professional player, I can say that I enjoy the game of Blackjack. Four years ago, my interest in the strategy and tactics behind Blackjack was sparked by the fact that my brother-in law began playing online Blackjack to take advantage of the bonus offers. I gave it a shot and earned 10,000 pounds playing for an average of 3-4 hours each night.

The Blackjack Bonus Scheme Bonanza. How does it work?

I played at a few casinos, and won real money by using the Basic Blackjack Strategy. This strategy can be found on any search engine. The house edge is reduced to a minimum by strictly following this Strategy. As an incentive to join or play, most casinos offer bonuses. These can be one-off bonuses that you receive upon signing up, but they are often monthly. You must fulfill certain wagering requirements to be eligible for the bonus.

Let’s take a look at an actual play example that was taken from playing Blackjack in a well-known online casino to illustrate the technique vworld 下载.

I paid 50 Pounds to the casino. To receive the bonus, I had to play 250 games or hands. I wager the minimum on each hand (1 – 2 Pounds) and follow the Basic Blackjack Strategy. After the wagering requirement of 250 games or hands, I would be about equal with the house, sometimes slightly higher than 60 pounds, but mostly lower than 40 pounds. I am then awarded my bonus by the casino, in this case 30 Pounds. I immediately stopped playing and cashed in. As you can see, even though my stake was 40 pounds, I still earned 20 pounds with the bonus. When I reach 60 pounds, I’m eligible for the bonus. My profit is 40 pounds. In the above example, it took me half an hour to complete the game. Then I just signed in to another online casino and went through the same process again.

You can see that many people made good money playing Blackjack online to claim house bonuses. The problem was quickly recognized by online casinos who either made it more difficult to wager or removed Blackjack from their bonus plans altogether. You cannot cash in a bonus if you are playing Blackjack until you have played 1,500x your bonus amount plus the initial deposit to the slot machines. This is absurd!

There are still some bonuses you can cash out or use to increase your play time. There are conditions that you have to wager in order to cash out. If you are unsure or don’t want to waste your time looking through the fine print before to play for real cash, contact the online live help desk to ask to be removed instantly from all bonuses and promotional offers. This is the best way to play online blackjack if you are new.

While there was a lot to be made playing Blackjack, it wasn’t easy to make a living online. The large casinos won’t be in financial trouble for long. Blackjack players may be asking themselves, “What now?” My view is that simple play with the Basic Blackjack Strategy and modern software analysis tools is the best way to go. I just discovered the Blackjack Toolpack, which is one of the most effective tools on the market to beat the house odds and offer a complete strategy. This is a new development in online blackjack. It will benefit all Blackjack enthusiasts, both beginners and professionals.

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